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The Chapel was a year long experimental gathering of spiritual misfits. To engage with Nadia and her work, please visit The Corners.

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My hope for The Corners, my on-line publication, newsletter and community, is that folks will join me in the all-too-rare celebration of grace and mercy and compassion – not because these things come naturally to me, but because I am in desperate need of them. There is quite enough opportunity out there for the self-righteous, shitty parts of myself to be nurtured and expressed. But what I need and what I have always needed, are spaces that challenge my assumptions, open my heart and increase my compassion. What I need and what I have always needed are spaces where nuance is allowed; where no one is ever only seen as just the worst thing they have done; where the capacity for human beings to be both horrible and beautiful is never underestimated. Where vapid optimism is never mistaken for actual hope. Where needing grace and a power greater than myself is not seen as a failing, but perhaps as wisdom. These are the things I am digging for, hoping for, searching for and my desire is to do it with my readers. Will you join me?

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